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Richard Western Machinery Daily Checklist

headtotowIf during daily and scheduled checks any faults are found, rectification of these issues should be carried out by a qualified technician. This will ensure the continued safe operation of the trailer. The responsibility for the safety and machinery lies with the operator and the owner respectively.



HYDRAULIC & AIR BRAKES: must not be connected to the tractor at the same time.

Daily Checks

  • Lights functions and 7 pin plug connector.
  • Check brakes.
  • Leaks on brake lines.
  • Towing ring thickness.
  • Tyres condition and pressure.
  • Wheel nuts – tap test (alternative fit wheel indicators).
  • Security of tailboard.
  • Load Sensing Valve linkage.
  • Drain water from air tank.

Weekly checks

  • Greasing (Pivot points, rams, drawbar, running gear, tailboard, safety valve).
  • Visual check on running gear, drawbar springs, tipping cylinder.
  • Tailboard pivot and locking points and safety valve.
  • Hose condition (Air and Hydraulics).
  • Bolt on components (Silage Sides, Sheeting Systems).

Monthly Checks

  • Wash down structural check.
  • Torque settings of wheels, suspension and drawbar nuts.
  • Visual check of brakes trough back plate.

3 Monthly Checks

  • Check tie roads and equalizer bushes.
  • Check all nuts and bolts.

For 6 Monthly and 12 Monthly checks please refer to manuals below.

Download Manuals

  • Wheel Changing Instructions

    Download PDF
  • Operation manual

  • Spreader Manual

  • Forage and grain manual

  • ADR maintenance manual

  • Axle service manual

  • Powersteer manual

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