Product Range

Farm Trailers

We design and manufacture high-performance, high-quality tipping trailers for grain, silage and root crops, dumper trailers, and flat-bed trailers.

Robust and durable, our trailers are designed and engineered for maximum efficiency, capacity and wear life, enabling you to deliver full payloads with a low unladen weight.

Less weight, more strength

How we engineer the strength in our trailers

Other Features

Safety First

Our trailers are designed to provide 50% braking at 60kph giving you shorter stopping distances and comply with current road regulations. Our prominent LED light units and reflective markers ensure that you are easily seen.

High Quality Components

We use only the highest quality components for our trailer to ensure that tipping hoses, hydraulic pipe fittings and LED light units provide you with reliable and trouble-free use.

Easy to Maintain

Our unique monocoque construction is designed for ease of maintenance, efficiency and durability the uncluttered trailer body design prevents build up of dirt and debris.

Easy to Use

The combination of intelligent design and robust build gives you a machine that operates effortlessly. Richard Western trailers are easy to pull and can be relied on to tow smoothly, making your job efficient and enjoyable.