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Reliable Back-up

We provide unrivalled service and support to ensure your Richard Western machine performs at optimal capacity, helping you to increase productivity and reduce your cost of ownership.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-performing and reliable products for our customers. Components are produced in house and every machine has a unique product number so we can get you up and running with minimal downtime.

Danny Whiting, Parts Sales Manager, Richard Western Ltd

Richard Western Warranty

All our products are covered by the Richard Western Warranty for manufacturing excellence.

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Operator and Maintenance Manuals

For Trailers
  • Suffolk Trailers
  • Rootcrop Trailers
  • Wellington Trailers
  • Bale & Pallet Trailers
  • Agricultural Dumper Trailers
  • Vacuum Tankers
For Spreaders
  • Delilah Spreaders
  • FBS Manure Spreaders
  • SDS Manure Spreaders
For Other Products
  • Forage Box Spreaders
  • Grain Chasers
  • Meal & Pellet Feeders

Looking to Buy?

We have 50 years’ experience supplying machines for agriculture and we are always available to help you with your requirements and specifications to ensure that you get the machine best suited to your needs.