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Manure Spreaders

We design and manufacture high-performance, high-quality spreaders including vertical beater and spinning disc rear discharge spreaders, wide bodied spreaders, and side discharge spreaders.

Robust and reliable, our spreaders are designed and engineered to maximise output, giving you accurate spreading rates and trouble-free running with minimal downtime.

Designed to deliver trusted performance

And provide long service life

Other Features

Trouble-free Running

Our spreaders are designed to provide reliable performance, regardless of conditions. The unique design of the rotor and blade pattern allow you to spread all types of manure, composts and sludges without having to change spreader decks.

High Quality Components

We use only the best components for our spreaders to ensure that bearings, assemblies and bushings are of the highest quality to provide you with reliable and trouble-free use.

Easy to Operate

The combination of intelligent design and robust build gives you a machine that operates effortlessly. Richard Western spreaders are designed to eliminate vibration, making your job efficient and enjoyable.