The Richard Western hydraulic rollover sheet option

The security and protection of crops being hauled from field to farm has grown in importance with the advent of farm assurance schemes, increased traffic, the faster speeds of modern tractors and the expectation that agricultural machines on the road today must meet the same standards as those of others who use the highway to move goods. This is why sheeting of loads has become so important. A purpose-designed roll-over sheet can not only protect your grain from contamination, but it also reduces the risk of any being lost from a full trailer, keeping your valuable produce where it should be and minimising the risk to other road users – and your liability for accidents. While Richard Western has long offered rollover sheet systems for its Suffolk and Rootcrop trailer ranges, a more recent introduction is the hydraulic rollover sheet. For little extra investment, load security is something you can put into place without even leaving the tractor seat. Next time you are thinking of upgrading your trailers, why not consider the convenience of a hydraulic rollover sheet option? The time savings alone will quickly repay the additional investment.


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