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Category: Interesting Information

The All New Richard Western PR4024 Pusher Ram Trailer

Richard Western is bringing the safety and efficiency benefits of push-off trailer design to its product line, with the launch of a three-model range to be built at its Suffolk factory.

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Efficient trailer design can help realise full forager output

With few machines in a farm or contracting business’s fleet costing as much as a self-propelled forage harvester, keeping the machine on the move when in the field is essential. 

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Greater Capacity without Greater Compaction

When considering a new sugar beet trailer, boosting efficiency by taking a step up in capacity to match harvester output and reduce the number of loads requiring haulage doesn’t have to mean greater impact on the ground.

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Make Sure Your Trailer Safety is up to Scratch

Harvest puts pressure on everyone in the operation chain, from the combine driver to the person running the grain store. Don’t forget the tractor and trailer team in between – ensure their equipment gets the attention it requires.  

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