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Standard Features for Delilah Spreaders

Heavy duty floor chain tensioning

Extra wide stone guard on headboard

Hydraulic services carried in rigid pipework to reduce maintenance

2 heavy-duty floor chains with individual tensioning, 16mm or 20mm, floor slats every 5 links

Made out of heat treated BORON 10mm steel continuous spiral rotors for maximum shredding and spreading, choice of 890mm or 1100mm rotors

65mm or 80mm floor drive shaft with 7 tooth self-cleaning sprockets

1.7m or 2.0m wide rotor spreading deck

Disc rotor base with three blades on 1100mm rotors

High tip speed give you wide spreading width and excellent shredding on a range of manure, composts and sludges. Tips are made out of heat treated BORON Steel to increase service life and strength.

Hydraulic brakes & handbrake

Automatic light protectors with slurry door option